Region: Jakarta
  • 1.Informing the customer about the product or service and giving him a description of the uses or features of the product.
  • 2.Responsible for replacing faulty or malfunctioned items and resolving customer complaints.
  • 3.Responsible for the display and arrangement of the items or goods so that it can get customer attention.
  • 4.Able to effectively promote a brand if asked to and for that he/she is responsible for developing good communication and selling skills.
  • 5.Responsible for ordering of goods or items in demand to overcome shortage.
  • 1.Bachelor’s degree in IT , Business Administration or related field.
  • 2.Fresh graduated are welcomed to applied
  • 3.Excellent time management skills.
  • 4.Exceptional presentation and verbal and written communication skills.
  • 5.Strong computer skills and experience with MS Office.
  • 6.Proactive attitude with a passion for customer satisfaction.
  • 7.High level of efficiency and accuracy
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