Career - Internal Control Staff

Region: Jakarta
  • Assist the monitoring and evaluation of internal control deficiency and risk increment, evaluating result reports with internal control tools
  • Test overall internal control and risk management environment with internal control tools, SOP, and common best practice
  • Assist Business Process Owner in establish long-term management mechanism by the method of the internal control and risk management empowerment, knowledge management, transferring the top tone and so on
  • Responsible for collecting and arranging internal control related documents, tracking document submission and statistical work, English translation of necessary documents and communicate internal control deficiencies in timely manner to responsible parties for taking corrective action, including senior management.
  • Create working paper for relating Risk and Control Self-Assessment review
  • Self-develop, continuous learning, and study regarding internal control and COSO
  • Minimum Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Management, Economic, Engineering, Telecommunication or related area
  • Has around 2 years working experience in Telecommunication, FMCG, Manufacturing or related industry will be an added advantage
  • Technically strong with solid knowledge and structural thinking
  • Highly initiative, never stand still, and speak up opinion in logical basis
  • Knowledge of COSO, Prior experience in a strategy implementation, planning support, and project management ability will be advantageous.
  • Understand about accounting procedures, risk management, financial banking, or finance enterprise will be an added advantage
  • Able to operate Microsoft office
  • Experience to organize conference and small scale project
  • You must be highly organized, efficient, detail-oriented and able to multitask
  • You should have a proactive work ethic, unbending moral code and the ability to think analytically
  • Strong oral and written communication skills are also crucial in conveying important information to management, employees and outside agencies
  • You must be able to work interdependently with a team and have the flexibility to thrive in an ever-changing and sometimes loosely structured environment
  • Willing to travel out of town related to Internal Control process
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